And the secrets of the Great Anvil of St. Abrams, who smite the forces of the Trickster in the tens of thousands, were revealed to the worthy, and such is the legacy of the high priest....
  — Hammerite Chant

Saint Abrams was a saint in the Hammerite Church. In his life he was said to have smitten tens of thousands of the Trickster's forces.

He also had an Anvil named after him, who's secrets are reviled only to the worthy.[1]


  • Saint Abrams is only mentioned by Hammerite type 2 in an idle statement.
  • From the quote, it is not quite clear if St. Abrams was the High priest, or if the High priest was worthy and so the secrets of the Anvil were revealed to him.


  1. TDS Sound Folder: hammer2#hp1_idle1

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