The Captain is out of his mind!
  — First Mate, Abysmal Gale


The Abysmal Gale is a caravel equipped with 3 masts. Like other merchant vessels, the ship seems to be unarmed. The unusual amount of small cabins suggests the assumption that the vessel once served as mailboat for passengers as well as a freighter for general cargo. However, Captain Robert Moira and his crew turned the ship into a pirate vessel.[1]

The IncidentEdit

After salvaging a golden slab from a cave and losing some men in doing so,[2] strange things began to happen on board of the vessel. It seemed as the captain fell victim to a strange madness: he refused to eat for days and started to search for something on the entire ship. In addition, the supplies went down fast, both water and food lasted only for days. The crew formed up behind the first mate to start a mutiny against the captain, whom they believed was completely out of his mind by that point.[3]

Some weeks later the ship floated into the Docks as a plagued ghost ship. There was no sign or trace of the crew or the captain. The City Watch put the vessel in quarantine and started to investigate for the crews' whereabouts.[4]


The ship had a crew of 29 men, including Captain Robert Moira. The whereabout of the crew is unknown but it is likely that they turned into undead sailors haunting the vessel.

Bugs Edit

  • Killing any of the undead in the ship will be considered an act of murder, as it will appear in the newspapers of The Docks area of The City. [Fact Check]

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The bow

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Stern view

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Captain's Quarters

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Cargo hold above the bilge

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