Description: Log of Captain Moira

Location: On a desk in the captains room in the rear of the ship.

DOC3captainslog location

Captain's Log

Day 42-

Cook outdid himself tonight.  A fine meal. At least at the officer's table. And why not? We've done well on this trip,

and tomorrow morning I'll announce to the men that we'll be steering for home. I'm looking forward to seeing my Edwina.

I guess a scarf of hers is just as good a lucky piece as that telescope of mine.

Day 43-

Weather's been fine. We got a full hold and are headin' for home. Should be there in less th


Description: Ship's manifest

Location: Bottom deck of the of the ship.

DOC3manifest location

Ship's Manifest  Been a fine take, but nothing real exotic like the last trip.  Like that golden slab with the strange

symbol - now that's a once in a lifetime thing.  Couldn't seem to make a dent in it or split it up, so I took the whole 

thing home with me. Captain's prerogative. Edwina doesn't know. Wouldn't want her to.  She'd just ask questions – and she

wouldn't like the answers.  That I'm less of a merchant ship captain - and more of a pirate.  And we only found that gold

slab because we saw a cave that looked like a good place to hide some of our haul.  And lo and behold someone else musta

thought it was a good hiding place too, because there was the treasure.  Some traps around it too.  Lost a few good men 

that day.  Edwina doesn't have to know all that, does she? Heck, she'd just fret and worry. Like that time she found out

about the secret boathouse near the cliffs by our home. I had a real time of it trying to explain that one.


Description: First Mate's log

Location: Unknown? not used?

First Mate's Log

Day 44-

The captain's got us hauling out the cargo searching for something.  Whatever it is, can't it wait ‘til we're back in port?

We'll be out of food in a few days, and water's short.  We don't have time for this. And I told him so. Didn't even answer. 

Not like Moira. Not like him at all.

Day 45-

Moira's search went on through the night.  He's tossing our cargo overboard after he's made sure it ain't what he's after. 

The men are tired and confused.  Don't want to question his orders in front of the crew, but that's our profits going in

the water!  Cook says he ain't been eating, so I sent him topside with a tray of the captain's favorite. I ain't never 

seen anyone look so deranged. Poor ol' Cook, he'll be missed.

Day 46-

The captain is out of his mind! Once everything was over the side and he still didn't have what he was lookin for, he

started screaming! - Where is it? Do you have it?! - None of us have a clue what he's on about. My duty now is to get the

remaining men home.  I never thought I'd be one for mutiny, but there's no other way. We got the knives ready.  It's now or


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