A list of Website affiliates of Thief.

Site Lang Blog Forum Files Author Resources Guides
thiefmissions.comEN backupFM TG,T2,T3 Mar07 scriptswalkthroughs
www.thief-thecircle.comENblog FM TG,T2,T3 many??
www.keepofmetalandgold.comENblog FM TG,T2 demosdromed
www.shadowdarkkeep.comENblog FM T3 ??t3ed
southquarter.comENblogbackupFM TG,T2,T3 demos??
www.darklurker.orgEN FM TG,T2,T3 ??
www.darklurker.comENblog FM ????
www.eidosinteractive.comEN forumsdemo, editor ?
darkfate.orgRUblogforumsFM TG,T2,T3 patches?

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