Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief II: The Metal Age and are done using both Thief Enhancement Pack and NTEX high-res texture pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: Someone's correspondence

Location: on a table, on the second floor of a residential building, west of the Pub

Pub Area

MISCB15 location

My lord -

I write to thank you for your most interesting entertainment 

of the other night. The Sheriff's men are, as you said, most 

efficient, and watching the rabble fall over themselves in panic 

afforded me more entertainment than a good month of 

theater. Might we avail ourselves of this street-cleaning 

farce again this weekend? I await your reply.

 Your devoted L--


Description: A shabby piece of paper

Location: under a table, in the pub where Garrett is assaulted

Pub Area

MISCB16 location

Watch Sergeant Harwin -

I must protest that the technique of paying informants 

has been in place for only a week, and I think it has 

shown far more promise than expected. While the first 

round netted us only a few small fish, the fools have begun to 

compete to turn each other in. A good fraction of the gold we 

pay out, we reap back again when we arrest the informers 

themselves. Ceasing the project now would be, in my opinion,