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Angelwatch was the new tower built by the Mechanists in Dayport. It apparently functioned as their administrative headquarters and public front, while their true base of operations, was at Soulforge Cathedral.

Karras arranged a ball at Angelwatch to gather money from the nobility, and to increase the prestige of the Mechanists in The City. His real intention, however, was to distribute Masked Servants to all of the nobles, a part of his plan to destroy all organic life in The City. Garrett infiltrated the tower when searching for information on the Cetus Project. [1]

Some people did not like Angelwatch towering over The City. One guard at the Docks calls the tower a "metal monstrosity" that prevented him and his wife from seeing the sunrise. [2]


Angelwatch consists of 6 floors, all with a different design. An elevator runs up the entire height of the structure. A staircase runs from the second to fifth floors.

Floor 1Edit

The lowest level of Angelwatch is mainly a huge concourse and chapel. The ceiling is supported by huge beams of black marble. A door with odd properties leads to the streets.

Floor 2Edit

The second floor is quite cramped, with raw stone as walls and dingy lighting. There is a barracks, a small chapel, and a small laboratory area.

Floor 3/4Edit

The library is the main feature of this area. A gear-gallery also adorns the third floor.

Floor 5Edit

The fifth floor houses the guest rooms, a dining hall, and Karras' office.

Floor 6Edit

The sixth floor is a great ballroom, with a fountain in the middle, and a tile floor with wooden edging. Music in the ballroom is provided by one of the Worker Bots.


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Inside Angelwatch


  • Angelwatch has a few oddities, such as the Castle Carlysle key working in one of the tower doors, the metal councorse door that is actually made of wood, and the fact that the tower apparently has no bathrooms.
  • The mission "Life of the Party" fails if Garrett ever touches the ground level; the concourse of Angelwatch is meant to be the only exception to this.

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