DromEd Apebeasts

Thief Dark Project version (left), next to Thief Metal Age apebeast (right).

Ape Beast
Flees at

Primary Attack
Sword (Thief)
2 to 6
Secondary Attack
Blowgun (Thief II)
1 to 4, depending on distance

Above Average
armed with sword, blowpipe or barehanded
Appears in
Model name (DromEd/T3Ed)
expconms (T1/TG), ape01, ape02(blowpipe)
You may be looking for Rat Beast

Ape Beasts are a type of Chaos Beast resembling an ape. Ape Beasts make up a large part of the Trickster's army. Ape Beasts are almost never seen by people in The City. They tend to inhabit only those areas controlled by pagans or the Trickster. They talk in the same broken pidgin English as the Pagans.

As the uniforms worn by ape beasts are the same as those worn by Constantine's human guards, it is speculated that they may originally have been humans as well. Although there is no other evidence beyond that, it is broadly accepted among the fans community. While rather slow due to their limp-like run, Ape Beasts can be devastating if they get close enough to Garrett. They are especially dangerous in groups of two or more. They are very skilled swordsmen, and in some aspects, are better swordsmen than Haunts. Luckily, they flee after one overhead strike and have a low health count of 10.


The following should be kept in mind when confronting Ape beasts:

  • Sword – one overhead swing will make them flee, in which afterwards only two slashes are needed to kill them
  • Broadhead Arrow – can kill ape beasts from a distance with ease
  • Backstab - kills one with a single swing
  • Fire Arrow or Mines – usually takes only one Fire Arrow (direct hit, not splash damage from blast radius) to kill an ape beast on any alertness level. Mines are very effective at killing Ape Beasts
  • Gas Arrow or Gas Mine – if discovered, it could be more effective and less dangerous to simply put the creatures out
  • Blackjack- Yes


Differences between Thief and Thief IIEdit

In Thief: The Dark Project and Thief Gold, ape beasts have tails and swords (they look more like a monkey or a rat monkey rather than an ape), and some have uniforms. In Thief II: The Metal Age they no longer have tails, and instead of swords they carry blowpipes. Up close, they may use their claws to attack, as well.

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