Keeper Artemus †
First Introduced
Voiced by
Nate Wells

Artemus was a Keeper, and the one who originally brought the young Garrett in and trained him in the ways of the Keepers. Artemus was the main point of contact between Garrett and the Keepers, and attempted to enlist his help with the various Keeper prophecies. He held genuine affection for Garrett, in spite of Garrett's rejection of the Keeper ways, and carried a strong independent and rebellious streak of his own. Artemus also appeared to be the only Keeper whose stealth skills rival Garrett's, and occasionally managed to sneak up on him. He was eventually killed by the Gamall in Thief: Deadly Shadows.

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Artemus is frequently called 'Arty' and 'Arty-guy' in the game files[1].


  1. Flags.txt and KCArtyGuy1.sch

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