Brother Artus
First Introduced
The sheriff requested us to construct a 'Records Hall' that only he and his lieutenants may view. 'Tis no doubt to keep them from the eyes of incompetents such as thee.
  — Brother Artus

Brother Artus was a Mechanist who was in charge of installing the new security systems at Shoalsgate Station. This included Watchers, Turrets, a security code lock, new keys and an alarm system. The Mechanists also constructed a secure records room by order of Sheriff Truart.[1]

In general, Brother Artus was very secretive about the mechanists technology and a bit arrogant. As a Mechanist Worker he cannot attack but is able to alert others.


He is the first Mechanist to appear in game, in the Mission Framed.


It was Brother Artus who gave Lt. Mosley a new key to the vault/secure records room. This was most useful for Garrett because without it he wouldn’t be able to enter those areas.[2]


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