Description: Business reopening

Location: Beside the front door, Fogerty's Gold Smithery

AULbackopen Location

Back in Business!

New extended evening hours!

Inventory is higher quality than ever!

Items are priced to sell!


Description: Bradshaw Monument plaque

Location: next to the Heart receptacle in Auldale Plaza

AULbradshawplaq Location

The Bradshaw Monument

In Memory of Sir Bradshaw S. Auldale, District Founder


Description: Canal sign

Location: On the wall opposite the short bridge to Auldale Plaza.

AULcanalsign Location



Description: Note by an unknown author


If there is evidence that the Artifacts were created by the earliest Keepers for some purpose, then that evidence 

would be in our very earliest writings. Which, of course, crumbled into dust ages ago - or so the Head Librarian


-- Author Unknown


Description: A letter from Dyan to Larkspur

Location: Near bed in Pagan loft

AULdyannote Location

Larkspur I bes havered another visioning of them Abomination.  It bes has a lair in them canals. But I bes thinker, 

that if the water level bes kept high, then us Pagans will bes not stumbling into its den there. Bes you must sealing

off the Pump House, and warn all Pagans to staying away from theres. Why bes this Abomination in my visionings when it

bes them Hammerheads we fightings? I wishering that Viktoria comsey back to leading us. My thoughts bes ungreen and




Description: Tip how to cultivate vines

Location: Pagan area on ground

AULgardeningtip Location

Leafers and vines grower more quicksy bes you feeder them with the saps and bones of manfools.


Description: The Grimalkin Tabby

Location: Shelf behind counter, Fogerty's Gold Smithery

AULgoldcat Location

The Grimalkin Tabby

The exquisite cat statuette is turquoise with emerald inlay for eyes. Please inquire for price.


Description: Note from Jimmy the Knife

Location: Front door, Fogerty's Gold Smithery

AULgsmithsign Location


Fogerty's gold smithery is closed until I say so.


The New Management, Jimmy the Knife


Description: A note from the Hammerites to all inhabitants of Auldale

Location: By the front door of Drept's house

AULhammerleaflet Location

Citizens - Art thou aware there are heathens in thy midst? Didst thou know the Master Builder judges all? 

Dost thou give thanks oft enough? If thou answered yea or nay to any of the above, then thou needs must attend our

services. Thy very soul dost depend upon it! 

The Brothers of the Order of the Hammer


Description: Canal access hatch sign

Location: unused?

Canal Access Hatch

Hatch opens after canal drains


Description: The Big Museum Heist Master Plan

Location: Inside chest in Grahams' tunnel

AULheistplan location

By Ma Graham So.

It'll be just the two of ya. Use the tunnel, right, boys? But, see, it's gotta be after dark. Wait for the day 

shift to head home for the night.  Then sneak in.  Avoid the night guards. They move around a lot, takin' breaks 

and such. If you're lucky, you'll catch ‘em sleeping. Stay away from them new fangled security machines they got.

They'll fry you like an egg. When you see a good looking exhibit, nab it. When you start getting tired, that means 

your bags are full, and it's time to come on home. I'll have the supper waiting.


Description: A note from Larkspur to all Pagans

Location: Beside the Pump House door.

AULlarkspurnote AULpumphsign Location

Pagans- We bes closing off them manfool Pump House.  Dyan had a visioning!  Bes an abomination that lives in them canal!

Stay aways!   As long as them water level in the canals stays high, not lowered, then no pagans or cityheads can go down

into them canal and cause trouble with them abomination.   Bes you needer to get into them Pump House, then seek you Dyan

in them greensy park.  She havers them Trickster amulet that makers them vines go away.  



Description: A letter from Samuel Fogerty to Lord Bafford

Location: On table, back room of gold smithery

AULlettertobafford Location

Lord Bafford - Greetings to you. I hope your gout is coming along nicely. Anyway, I seem to have run into a bit of

financial trouble. And, since we have such a good business relationship, a friendship really, I feel I can come to

you for help. I think two thousand ought to do it.


Samuel Fogerty


Description: A letter from Samuel Fogerty to Sir Rollings

Location: On chair, front room of gold smithery

AULlettertorollings Location

Sir Rollings - Greetings to you. I hope your rheumatism is coming along nicely. Anyway, I seem to have run into a bit 

of financial trouble. And, since we have such a good business relationship, a friendship really, I feel I can come to

you for help. I think two thousand ought to do it.


Samuel Fogerty


Description: Pump house control plaque

Location: Beside the flow-control wheel and on the floor in front of the hatch, Pump House

AULleversign LocationAULleversign Location2

Pump House Controls

Turn wheel to lower water level


Description: Letter from Ma to her boys

Location: Under ground near museum

AULmagraha location

Alright boys, here's your lunch, you can't go robbing the Wieldstrom Museum on an empty stomach. I ain't worried.

You got the tunnel dug real good. Makes a mother proud. Remember, once you're inside, you have to watch out for 

all them fancy safety gadgets they got. Anyway, eat up, and good luck.

Hugs, Ma


Description: Wieldstrom Museum sign

Location: Beside the front gate to the museum

AULmuseumsign Location

Wieldstrom Museum of Arts and Antiquities


Description: Store note


Attention! Out of Business!

Closed permanently due to lack of inventory!


Description: Auldale Plaza sign

Location: In front of Bradshaw monument

AULplazasign Location

Auldale Plaza


Description: Pump House plaque

Location: Beside the Pump House door.

AULlarkspurnote AULpumphsign Location

Pump House

Controls the water level of the canal


Description: A letter from Carmen Cantata to Garrett

Location: On a crate in Grahams' tunnel, after getting back the chalice and paw

AULreplicas Location

Garrett - Hello, my friend. I have sent a messenger out to leave this note where - with any luck - you will find it. 

My crystal ball tells me that you are planning to rob the museum. If so, then I believe I have something you may 

find useful. I have very convincing replicas of some of the exhibits. If you swap them with the real exhibits, the 

museum guards will not notice that anything is wrong.  Of course, there is never any pressure to buy - but the

Wieldstrom Museum has a history of killing thieves, does it not? In fact, the replicas were custom ordered by Ma 

Graham for the heist her boys tried to pull off a while ago. But they never picked up the replicas. 

Probably the price was too high for them. And you know how that turned out.

Come to my shop if you are interested. May fortune smile on you,

Carmen Cantata

Proprietor, Carmen's Place


Description: Old Quarter sign

Location: Beside Auldale gate house

AULtooldqsign Location

To Old Quarter


Description: A letter from Daisy to Dyan

Location: Pagan area, on bench near Font

AULwarupdate location

Dyan - Here bes my reportings. Twelve bes were lost in them Old Quarter. Five bes lost in them Docks. Them 

hammerheads more strongsy than we thinkered. We bes needing helping. 


Crime ReportEdit

Description: The local crime report for Auldale

Location: On a wall beside the gate to Old Quarter

AULcrimereport location

City Watch Crime Report
District of Auldale

The following criminal incidents occurred
last evening in the vicinity of Auldale:

X citizens were murdered.
X citizens were rendered unconscious by a
blow to the head.
X items of valuable property were
reported stolen.
X locks were unlawfully picked open.

The above is a true and complete record
of events. All residents are encouraged to
report suspected incidents of crime to the
nearest City Watch authority.

The Office of the Commissioner

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