Bafford's Manor
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Bafford's Manor was a fairly large mansion located in Old Quarter, and the residence of Lord Bafford. Garrett infiltrated the mansion to collect Lord Bafford's prized silver scepter in the TDP/TG mission "Lord Bafford's Manor".


The mansion consisted of two rather long floors. Both floors were fairly clearly divided into front and back sections. The manor also had an expansive basement.

Ground FloorEdit


At the very front of the mansion was the building's gate, which was guarded by three guards at all times. Beyond that lay a large entry hall. The front also contained an art gallery, some sitting rooms, and a large courtyard with a pool.


The back section of the ground floor was where the servants worked and lived, and as a result was much more plain in appearance. The kitchen and stores were located here, with the servants' quarters at the very back.

Second FloorEdit


The front area of the second floor housed two guard posts as well as the guards' quarters and store rooms. There were also several sitting rooms scattered around the edges of the mansion. On either side of the courtyard there were gardens with trees.


The back of the second floor was Lord Bafford's most personal area, patrolled by his most elite guards. Bafford's library was here, as well as his personal bath, bedroom, and his throne room.

Third FloorEdit

The third floor comprised only a couple walkways and balconies around the upper gardens and the courtyard.


The basement of Bafford's manor contained many large storage rooms, but little else of interest. The wall in one of the basement rooms was broken and opened into a cavern containing a waterway which served the wellhouse beside the manor, something of which Lord Bafford may have been unaware.

Lord Bafford's personal office was also in the basement, however it could only be accessed via the back of the second floor.

Residents and EmployeesEdit

The following is a list of all people known to have lived or worked in Bafford's Manor: