The Baron was the head of the government of The City. He was the top of the nobility and of the feudal system of government in the City. The Baron's function was to serve as leader, and guide of the City and all of its citizens and as the chief commander of its army, which he usually also led to war. Although there was a City Council and several other administrative bureaus, such as the City Watch, the Baron's word carried the most weight. For instance, the Baron's opinion seemed to act as the main tax formation tool and sometimes he acted as an architect of the city. When the baron was spoken of, people typically used his title rather than his real name.

The Baron's power brought great benefit to him and his whole family. During the time before the Cataclysm, 50 years before Garrett's time, the Baron's nephew, Tule was appointed keeper of the power grid key in the area now known as the Sealed Section, and although he was seriously negligent in his job, he was not fired.

The Baron of Garrett's TimeEdit

During the time of The Dark Project and The Metal Age, the Baron was out of the city fighting a war with Blackbrook. The Baron used to closely direct the actions of the City Watch, formerly known as the Baron's Police, and it was under his guidance that they took down DeWall, an influential City Warden.[1] Eventually, however, he grew less involved in the police force, and his absence allowed Sheriff Truart a lot of freedom in how he ran the City Watch.[2][3]

Public OpinionEdit

The Baron was considered by some to be a selfish man, interested more in the merchants and the amassing of personal wealth than the well being of the City and its people. The Baron always had gourmet food available to him[4], even while he considered raising tariff on greens and meat during a time when the City was experiencing widespread food shortages.[5] Some even believed that the Baron was purposely extending the war with Blackbrook in order to raise or instate various taxes.[6]

Personal LifeEdit

Some people believed the Baron would never marry, but there was a girl named Felicia whom the Baron was rumored to be serious about.[7]

Other BaronsEdit

The title of Baron was in most cases inherited, delivered from father to son. The grandfather of the Baron in Garrett's time was reputed to be a spiritual man.[8]

There was at one time a Baron named Baron Bresling, who suggested that one must choose carefully how one is remembered after death. It is possible however that he was the current Baron at the time of Deadly Shadows (and was nearing the end of his own reign).


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