DromEd Object Model barrel

Large Barrel

This is a large empty barrel which can be found in TDP/TG and T2. It has no contents and it is not clear what these would be/have been. It has a smaller counterpart, about half the standard size, which is identical in all other respects. They can be bashed to pieces with the sword, but serves no real purpose.

TDS Barrel

TDS Barrels

Plain barrels exist in TDS as well, but with different properties. All standard TDS barrels are covered and able to roll and a small TDS barrel can be carried and thrown. When destroyed, either by explosives or by landing on sharp objects, they burst into a cloud of dust. Arrows stick into these barrels and can be retrieved from them.


Two medium-sized barrels in the dormitory of the Keeper Compound have the lids removed and are more difficult to push.

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