The basketball is one of the rarest miscellaneous items in the Thief Universe. It can only be found in the secret basketball court in the Keeper Compound in the T1/TG mission "A Keeper's Training" along with a bedroll containing a list of Quotes from the Dark Team. Access to this room is only possible for a brief period, during the sparring match or shortly afterwards, when the Sparring Partner is leaving the courtyard. The portcullis on the doorway will not close unless Garrett is out in the courtyard, so the room on the other side can be entered by following closely after the Sparring Partner. This room is connected to the basketball court by a corridor with a locked wooden door which can be opened with the key from the courtyard table, or simply bashed open using the sword. On Normal and Hard settings, however, the path is blocked by an immovable stone wall.
DromEd Object Model hamball

The object itself has the appearance of a normal orange basketball, and is the only known object in T1, TG, or T2 with the ability to bounce up from the ground.

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