Cort Beasley was held in Cell 4 in Pavelock Prison, for assaulting a Watch Officer.[1] His only possession at booking was one empty gentlemans wallet.[2] An unused prison roster places him in cell 2.[3] If a prisoner hears a Noisemaker Arrow, he or she may call out to Beasly.[4][5]


  1. Prison roster
  2. Confiscated items
  3. Unused prison roster
  4. Thug3 prisoner3 thug3: pr3_yini2:/thug3: pr3_misc_noisemak2: (Jittery, hushed) Who's there, Beasley?
  5. thug1 prisoner1 thug1: pr1_yini3/thug1: pr1_misc_noisemak3: (Jittery, hushed) That you, Beasley?