Beck o' the Wills is the Pagan village encountered in the first segment of the T2 mission, "Trail of Blood". Exiting the Portal from the Wayside graveyard, Garrett arrives shortly after a Mechanist invasion, the result being that much of the area has become a ghost town (literally). The Mechanists were ruthless, killing any and all pagans indiscriminately. Some Mechanists were killed, but not enough to halt their progress.

T2 M10 map PAGE003

A Mechanist Reconnaissance Map

The village is a small settlement in a densely wooded grove, consisting of four crude square hovels and a barn, all with wooden roofs and thick walls of stone or clay. A deep river or canal bisects the village, pouring from the mouth of a huge stone face. Other features include an observation platform high up in one of the giant sequoias on the east side and the empty crop silo which acts as a makeshift watchtower. There are only two gardens; one just west of the barn, another outside Cedar's house.

Beyond the village stands the Gathering Place; a round stone enclosure on the hill to the north-east. The stone face in the floor is a portal to the Maw that activates when the two Ruby Stones are placed in its eyes.


The only inhabitants are the invading Mechanists, though some Apparitions live out their last moments for Garrett. Some of them, such as Lily are sentient long enough to communicate with Garrett. The rest of the Pagans were able to escape at the Gathering Place.

Former InhabitantsEdit

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