Black Market Bertha
Also known as
Big Bertha, Black Market Bertha
City Watch, probably the Hammerites
First Introduced

Black Market Bertha (or "Big Bertha", according to Garrett) -- who prefers to just go by Bertha -- is recommended by Heartless Perry to fence the Bloodline Opal from Garrett after Perry himself declines. She runs a store near the aptly-named Stonemarket underneath St. Edgar's Church, and claims to have "the best stonecutters in The City" waiting to cut the Opal.[1] She flirts openly with Garrett -- whom she occasionally refers to as "G" -- but is not nearly as infatuated as Marla.

Artemus leaves a note with her to give to Garrett regarding the Artifacts and the meeting at Terces Courtyard.[2]


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