Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief II: The Metal Age and are done using both Thief Enhancement Pack and NTEX high-res texture pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A love letter

Location: on a table, in the nearest house to the front gates

Truart's Estate, surrounding areas

M9B01 location

Dearest Stephanie,

I just thought I would take a break from all of my distractions to write you 

a little letter letting you know how much I love you. I know I have been very 

busy lately and haven't had as much time for you as I would like. The 18 hour 

days I'm putting in at the warehouse are killing me, but I am learning so much 

from the Mechanists. They are a little arrogant, but they have a vision I 

want to be a part of. They are beginning to accept me, which means a lot to 

me. I've had to work very hard to prove myself to them,

but I know that in the end, all of my hard work will pay off and we will both 

benefit from it. Thank you for being my inspiration, and thank you for being 

so understanding. Our love is the most important thing in my life, and when 

the Mechanists' project is done you will once again be the center of my universe.

 I love you, Ekim


Description: a note from Cid Capezza to all the personnel

Location: Truart's Estate, floor one

M9B02 location


If thou wouldst unlock this kind of door, thou wilt needst use the appropriate 

gear. Insert thou the correct gear unto the locking mechanism. When 

the mechanism be complete with the correct gear, then marvel thou as the 

gears turn to unlock the door. For those with no eye to tell one gear 

from its cousin, know thou also that if thou use the incorrect gear, the 

mechanism shall fail thee and nothing shall happen. If thou hast concerns, 

please bring them unto me. 

 -Friend Capezza.


Description: a note from Sheriff Truart to all personnel

Location: in the corridor south of the Chapel

Truart's Estate, floor one

M9B03 location

We all know that many criminals harbor a vendetta against me, so I have 

decided to have a Mechanist install several security devices throughout the 

estate. A new mechanism has been installed to lock all doors leading up to 

higher floors in the mansion. These doors cannot be forced open or unlocked 

using conventional means. All doorways that lead to upper levels will be 

locked every night and will unlock again in the morning. 

 -Sheriff Truart


Description: A note from Officer Benny

Location: in the south-west corridor

Truart's Estate, floor two

M9B04 location

I went and lost my silver gear and now I can't get up to the 

third floor. I tried knocking on that blasted door for an hour, but no 

one would open it for me. Last time I saw it was before I took a swim. 

Please return it to me if you find it, I will be in the game room.

- Officer Benny


Description: a note from Brother Tickspring to Sheriff Truart regarding the chapel

Location: in a north-west room

Truart's Estate, floor two

M9B05 location

I know well that thy father was a loyal supporter in time 

gone by. Most greatly did we appreciate his generosity in building 

the chapel upon Truart Estate, where mine brethren and myself did give 

praise to the Builder. However, the worship of the Builder has come forward 

while thy chapel dost remain in the past, for its walls and panels art 

still decked in the symbols of our old ways. For one who hast renounced 

these antique trappings, such things are deeply offensive. Thou must think 

strongly upon replacing them with the more modern and appropriate symbols of 

the present age. 

 -Brother Tickspring


Description: The sheriff's correspondence

Location: in Truart's bedroom

Truart's Estate, floor three

M9B06 location

Dear Volari,

Prostitution in this city is a huge problem, and I plan on cleaning it up, 

so you should keep a low profile. I've taken the measures to protect you 

that we discussed. I live a demanding life now that I'm the most important 

person in town, and meeting with you is my only means of relaxation. I do 

not consider you equal to the rest of the scum that lurk the streets, so I 

am going to give you special treatment as long as you take care of me when 

I need you.

-Norman Druart


Description: A small golden label. Immediately after the button next to it is pushed, two Green Spiders are spawned behind the character.

Location: in a hidden dungeon, under the mansion

Truart's Estate, basement

M9P01 location

Do not push this button.


Description: A tombstone (the left one)

Location: in a small hidden graveyard, south of the mansion

Truart's Estate, surrounding areas

M9P02 M9P03 M9P04 location

Here Lies Iblis Truart Sr., Beloved Husband and Father.


Description: A tombstone (the middle one)

Location: in a small hidden graveyard, south of the mansion

Truart's Estate, surrounding areas

M9P02 M9P03 M9P04 location

Here Lies Leeta Truart, Beloved Wife and Mother.


Description: A tombstone (the right one)

Location: in a small hidden graveyard, south of the mansion

Truart's Estate, surrounding areas

M9P02 M9P03 M9P04 location

Here Lies Iblis Truart Jr., Beloved Son.


Description: A big silver label

Location: in the south-west corridor

Truart's Estate, floor two

M9P05 location

Security Power.


Description: A tip about the Sheriff's mansion

Location: can be bought at the shop, before the mission, for 100 gold

TG tips

I hear the foundation under the porch of Truart Estate has a 

large crack which you should be able to crawl under. Check behind the 

bushes for it. There must be an easy way into the mansion under there.



Description: A letter from Jabril to Officer Morgan

Location: on a table, in the guard quarters

Truart's Estate, floor one

MISCB07 location

Watch Officer Morgan -

Have I got a deal for you! I know Truart's been 

looking for the pagan outlaws for months - I should 

be able to provide one, ripe for the plucking, when he 

leaves the city. I hear he's smuggling in some banned 

herbals - if I can learn any more I will of course let you 

know, but I do know he'll be leaving around midnight at the 

Carter's Gate.



Description: The correspondence of some servant

Location: on a table, in the servant quarters

Truart's Estate, floor one

MISCB08 location


Remember how I told you that the alchemist's was just a 

front-shop? I'm sure of it now! I was just there this 

evening and started to go in, when the owner shut the door 

in my face! And there were people in the store, standing 

about as bold as you please!



Description: A letter from Sergeant Harwin to Officer Morgan

Location: on a table, in a sleeping room

Truart's Estate, floor two

MISCB09 location

Officer Morgan -

Cease these bribes immediately! There is more than 

enough street garbage we can simply scrape off the 

pavement that we do not need to *pay* for more! If 

your snitches could ever turn up the serious ones, I 

might consider it, but look at your recent list. Festil, 

Blackrat, Hops - these are the worst you can find, and 

none of them other than poor street filth.

-Watch Sergeant Harwin

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