Bloodline Opal
TDS Bloodline-Opal-table
Quest Item
500 (miscellaneous)
Family Vault
Original Owner

TDS loot Bloodline-Opal

The Bloodline Opal is a large stone with a red gash running down the side. It is a prized Rutherford family heirloom held in the vault of Rutherford Castle.

The opal was the subject of a dispute between Julian and Ember Rutherford. An archery contest had taken place in which Lord Julian had supposedly won by a small margin, making him the rightful heir, but Lord Ember did not relinquish it. Julian made plans to steal the opal in Checking Inn, Cashing out, but is thwarted by the loss of his medallion.[1]

Unbeknownst to both, the opal is also coveted by Lady Elizabeth, a murderess, who plans upon becoming the widow of the victor.[2]

In the second mission of TDS, Garrett steals the opal, but complications arise when Lady Elizabeth comes looking for him and Heartless Perry is unwilling to take the opal.[3][4]

TDS Bloodline-Opal-stand

The Bloodline Opal on its stand, as seen in TDS


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