A Cheap Wine bottle, a Fine Wine bottle and a grey bottle


Various Bottles

In T1, TG, and T2 there are three types of bottles, besides the gold Fine Wine type. The first type is a small, dark gray bottle. It's contents are generally unknown, but have been seen around drunk guards, and behind the bars of taverns. The context of the placement of the bottles in the missions suggests a liquor of some kind. The second is a large green bottle, filled with cheap wine. The third is a set of five colored bottles (two green, one yellow, one purple, and another yellow) each with a small label. These bottles are for some reason, unable to separate, and are really a single object made for DromEd. The only known locations of these bottles are the tavern outside of Shoalsgate Station, where six sets can be found along the top shelves, and in the basement and game room of Truart Estate.

One green bottle located in the kitchen of Ramirez Manor, is set upon a tray alongside a loaf of bread. None of these can be picked up or moved by Garrett, but the kitchen servant will take the tray down to Ramirez when a small bell is rung. Placing the tray on the counter in the counting room, the servant returns to the kitchen. The tray and food vanish and reappear back in the kitchen. Because Ramirez still hasn't had anything to eat, he rings again, repeating the process. The only way to access these items is to kill or knock out the servant en route to the basement, who will drop them on the floor.

In TDS, there are large black bottles with unknown contents.

All off these bottles listed above are all unbreakable. Each make sufficient noise for distractions.


In TDS there are often bottles placed on bottle racks. If the player touches one of these, they can sink through the division and strike the bottom of the rack, causing noise.

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