TDS garrettbow

Garrett with his bow, in Deadly Shadows

Garrett's bow is a wooden recurve and his only ranged weapon (explosives excluded) in the Thief series of games. It is a reusable weapon which means that it never loses power, and that it cannot be dropped or lost, and is usually available without any additional purchase. After aiming any compatible arrow, the player can always cancel their shot and not waste an arrow.

Cost: None, always with Garrett


The bow is a truly versatile weapon, and can be used to fire a number of very different arrows, all of which have to be purchased or found separately. Every arrow shot with the bow decreases the amount in Garrett's inventory by one. Arrows are rarely found within levels, and are quite expensive, meaning that players have to use them carefully. This design also encourages stealth since Broadhead Arrows can be easily used to kill unaware guards.

Every type of arrow can be shot with the bow, since no other use exists for arrows:



It is technically always available even in the absence of ammo. It is perceived to be unavailable during the beginning of the Escape! mission, and when Garrett is imprisoned in Pavelock Prison.

Available in: