Basic InfoEdit

Cost: 125 gold in T1/TG/T2 (not present in T3)


  • Replenish breathing time underwater

Tactical InformationEdit

Potion Breath

When Garrett goes underwater, he can hold his breath for approximately 30 seconds, after which he begins to drown and lose health. This is the point where Breath Potions come in use. After a potion is drunk underwater, it restores Garrett's breath to its full state, irrelevantly of how much breath was left before the use. This is useful for extended submerged loot searches, or when the path goes through an underwater cavern. The best time to drink a Breath Potion is the point just before Garrett loses breath underwater, as it will have its full effect. If a potion is drunk when not underwater, or at full breath, it will be wasted.

Besides restoring breath the potion does not have any other use. In most areas, the thief's breath is enough for him to complete every underwater task. Furthermore there actually is no underwater place that needs a Breath Potion to be swam through. While this is true for the expert underwater swimmers, some inexperienced divers may need a potion or two. However, like with the Noisemaker Arrow, consider spending money at the shop on something else than Breath Potions. Besides, these potions can be found in enough quantities throughout the different missions.

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