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South of the City's most crowded residential districts, in the center of town, near the river. It's not wall to wall nobility, like Auldale, but there's money here... if you know where to look. South Quarter's where I live, so I guess this is home. As long as I behave myself, I can go anywhere and do as I please and the residents won't give me any trouble. But the City Watch will. The entire force knows what I look like, and they'll attack me on sight. If I don't stay out of the way of their patrols, I might be looking at some jail time...or worse. First thing I need to do is see my fence, Heartless Perry--his shop is down in Black Alley. I'm bringing Perry the Bloodline Opal. I don't want to hang onto this stone any longer than I have to. Something about that job has left me with a bad feeling....

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