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St. Edgar's Church. This is where the Hammerite fanatics keep the Chalice, a so-called holy relic. It's what the Keepers are asking me to steal, if I want to see their prophecies for myself. The Chalice might not be worth much on the street, but every Hammer church has a nice pile of wealth stashed away -- no reason not to fill my pockets while I'm here. This particular temple holds the crypt of some long-ago Hammerite hero – St. Edgar. Today was his holy day, so there's an all-night service. That might work in my favor, if they're all sitting down praying instead of looking for sinners to smite. Chances are, they'll have anything they think is holy locked up pretty tight. I'll have to make sure they don't do the same to me – I'm not interested in the Hammerite brand of justice.

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