Builder's Chalice
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Also known as
The Chalice
Pagans, the unrighteous
most likely The Builder
Previous Owner(s)
Known Power(s)
  • Bestowing strength or holy power to the worthy who drink from it.
  • Incinerating the unworthy who drink from it.
  • Activating the Final Glyph.
First Introduced

TDS loot builderschalice

To my foes, or my own death...
  — Saint Edgar, drinking from The Chalice before battle

The Builder's Chalice is one of the artifacts or Sentients, that activates the Final Glyph when placed into certain "receptacles" built into The City's monuments, along with the other artifacts.


The Hammerites' earliest records of this artifact relate the story of St. Edgar, a mighty warrior/priest who used the Chalice to turn the tides of battle. By drinking from the Chalice, he was empowered in some way which allowed the Hammers to end the battle in one day. The wounded enemy forces were also allowed to drink from the chalice, but burned to death as a result.[1] At some point it was imbued with sentience by Ancient Keepers as a safeguard against future instability.

Hammerite Priests are barred from drinking from the Chalice following the death of MasterForger Alebus.[2]


TDS hammerfactory chalicesteps

The room where the Chalice is kept, its receptacles, when empty, filled and activated

The Chalice is well protected within the Hammer Factory inside the St. Edgar's Church complex. Garrett steals it as requested by Keeper Artemus, even though the Chalice is protected by a sophisticated electro-mechanical security system, that requires two separate keys to be used together.

Security SystemEdit

The Hammerites had designed an advanced security system in order to keep the Chalice safe from thieves, whereby the Chalice and other holy objects are stored in a caged cell high above reach. One can only access the Chalice by activating the security system, lowering the cell to the landing platform (up a staircase). Secured by unique and sophisticated machinery, one needs the Holy Symbol and Stamped Gear in order to activate the system. This cell is located within a well-guarded room, with two entrances.

To gain access to the Chalice one needs to follow these steps:

  1. Acquire the Holy Symbol from High Priest Greidus's chambers.
  2. Find an Unstamped Gear somewhere in the factory.
  3. Use the gear with the stamping machine to get a Stamped Gear.
  4. Fit the Holy Symbol and Stamped Gear into the machinery in the Chalice's room.
  5. Climb up the winding stairs to reach the Chalice's cell.
TDS stamped gear

The Holy Symbol hammer

TDS loot sec holysymbol

The Holy Symbol of the Masterforger has the imprint of the Builder's grace, blessed by St. Edgar. It is a mark of leadership, and has many other uses. The holy hammer is kept unprotected in the chambers of High Priest Greidus, a resident priest. Its most prominent function observed when placed within the available receptacle, being the first "key" of the Chalice's security system.

TDS geartransform

The Unstamped and Stamped Gear, transformed by the Stamping Machine

TDS loot unstampedgear TDS loot stampedgear

The Unstamped Gear can be found unprotected in a small room near the power generator. When the gear is placed within the Stamping Machine, it is then transformed into a Stamped Gear. When placed within the second available receptacle, it activates the machinery that lowers the cell, being the second and last "key" of the Chalice's security system.[3]

Glyph MagicEdit

Gamall later gets her hands on it, but Garrett manages to steal it back from her lair, and uses it at the end of Thief: Deadly Shadows, to activate the Final Glyph and destroy all glyph magic. Its receptacle is located on the Cataclysm Memorial; a Hammerite monument found in the Old Quarter graveyard, the landmark being erected in the memory of those who lost their lives in the Historical Cataclysm. The artifact is then magically returned to the Hammerites at St. Edgar's Church.

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