Building A
Basement Floors

Building A was one of two warehouses owned by Rampone Dockside Shipping in the Wayside Docks. It was a three-storey building with ten units which were rented out to various clients. The ground floor consisted entirely of the rented units, while the second housed both the administrative offices and the upper floors of the more expensive, two-storey units. The third floor consisted only of an empty, medium-sized room which provided access to the roof. Building A was connected to Building B on the second floor via two bridges.

Rentable UnitsEdit

All units in Building A were numbered and all units had a regular door and a larger bay door. The regular doors had regular key locks, but the bay doors were controlled by special keypads which could be found in small, locked access rooms around the building.

When Garrett visited, the units were rented out to the following clients:

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