This item can be found in TDP/TG, T2, and possibly TDS as well. It has no value and is useful only for distraction (except in T2 where it cannot move). In TDP/TG and T2, the canister is a metal cylinder with a small black handle on top and black lettering on the side which indicates its contents. There are five types: the smallest are "SALT" and a blank canister, the next size up is "SUGAR", and the largest are "FLOUR" and a blank canister.

It is often found among other kitchen and dining utensils as bowls, knives, bottles, pots and pans, goblets, plates, trays and the occasional spoon.

CASpoisons location

Poison-filled Cans in Elizabeth's Bedroom

Cylinders can be found in TDS, especially in kitchens, which appear to have a similar function (notably those in Lady Elizabeth's chambers in End of the Bloodline, assumed to contain various poisons in powdered form) but it is not clear whether or not these are the same canisters.

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