Carmen Cantata
City Watch, probably the Hammerites
First Introduced

Carmen Cantata is Blackmarket store owner who owns and runs Carmen's Place in Old Quarter.

The Hammers believe she is selling women's undergarments, "or something like that", which she is happy about because it keeps them away.[1]

Carmen is a believer in fortune telling and/or divining, as she is noted saying that she read her tea leaves (which, she claims, foretell Garrett's visit)[2] and also mentions the "love stone" above the door which turns "such a murky shade" when Garrett enters.[3] She also claims to have a 'purchase stone' also above the door that'll tell when Garrett will be happy with his purchase.[4]

When Garret goes to rob the Wieldstrom Museum, she will left a note which offers some replica exhibits created for a previous, and failed, heist of the place by the Graham Family.[5][6]


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