Captain Davidson's Ship

Captain Davidson's ship, registration number 73620, was a sailing vessel owned by Captain Davidson that was docked at Rampone's Dockside Shipping in the Wayside Docks at the time Garrett visited. While infiltrating the ship, Garrett discovered an unidentified body in the hold[1].

Captain Davidson used the ship to smuggle precious spices into the City, and to plunder merchant ships, such as those owned by D. M. Gilver[2][3] while working with J. Osterlind[4].

The vessel appears to still be in use despite being completely walled in by towering rocks (this is likely a sign of low tide, at certain times of day at higher tide passage would allowed between the rocks).

For unknown reasons, the foremast is completely backwards, the mainmast has no ratlines (rope ladders), and the ship is carrying live spiders in the hold.


  • The Unidentified body seams to have a slight issue. While it doesn't appear to be undead, and registers as a Corpse when picked up, it groans like and undead when hit.


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