Summer Vacation 2010 Contest.



Play til end of July and then score.


Dates: Starting today, February 26th 2010, ending midnight GMT July 3rd 2010.

Restrictions: 768,000 cubic DromEd units maximum volume arranged anyway you want it, you can split it up into several small area brushes that are linked together, or leave it as one area brush. Please, wrap the playing areas in area brushes and name them sequentially as "Playable Area 1, Playable Area 2, etc." Unlimited "decorative area" for dropping in places you can see, but can't get to. Again, wrap these areas in area brushes labeled, "Deco Area 1, Deco Area 2, etc."

Themes: No theme requirements, just dust off that idea you never got around to building, or that story you've always wanted to tell and get building. Anything goes, Hammerites, Mechanists, Pagans, Keepers, guards, mages, horror, humor, action and romance.

Materials : No limits on materials of any kind. Use any fam textures, object, mesh, sound, book art, map art, interface art you wish, but credit must be given to the sources of the materials.

Scripts: Any publicly available script module may be used.

Number of Entries: No limits, you may enter as many missions as you wish, or a multi-part mission. Don't get over ambitious or you WON'T finish in time.

Teams: No limits on teams, you may build with a partner. Though, you'll have to split the glory when you win.

Scoring: We'll use a system similar to Komag's contest scoring, rating a mission on from 1 to 10 on; 1. Design, 2. Story, 3. Gameplay. Gameplay is counted twice. Scores averaged this way: (Design+Story+Gameplay+Gameplay)/4.

Prizes: I have nothing beyond the satisfaction of victory to offer, but a few people have talked about throwing in a prize. A custom TTLG title seems to come with these things these days, maybe we can get one of those. I'll update the prizes when I get a better idea on this.



And the winner is, Escape from Hammer Hill. Second place goes to A Night's Profit, third place to Settling a Score and finally Captain of the Guard.source

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