Fences are dealers of stolen Loot or other dubious merchants, who pay Garrett in cash to take the items off his hands. Each fence specializes in certain types of stolen goods such as gemstones, paintings, precious metals, and so on, though there are some types of loot that more than one will deal in. Fences can only be accessed when not in missions.


  • T1 - No interface or player transactions with fences.
  • T2 - Same as T1.
  • T3 - Fences can be found on inner streets near Shops, while exploring the City. Entering a fence presents the player with an interface consisting of a list of loot Garrett is carrying, along with the option to sell single items or all at a time. The fence is visible in the background, standing behind the table. Usually chatty, they inform Garrett about rumors or incidents. The first-person perspective is used, even when in third-person view

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