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The Keepers
Keeper stainedglass

the Key, the Keyhole
First Introduced

The Keepers were training me to be one of them. But I had other uses for those skills.
  — Garrett

The Keepers are an ancient sect of expert observers, dedicated to preserving balance in the world. Garrett once belonged to the organization and still makes use of the skills learned as a Keeper for his own clandestine purposes. Even though Garrett refuses further involvement with the Keepers, they inevitably manipulate him into acting out their prophecies and obscure designs in all three games.

The Keepers are revealed in greater detail in Thief: Deadly Shadows as the player explores their organization and what it guards.

Their main source of power are the glyphs.

Ancient KeepersEdit

The Ancient Keepers established the Keeper order. They were the ones who had discovered how to control the vast powers of the glyphs, and had influenced the full outcome of The City's history since its founding. They created dogma that preached against corruption such as selfishness, arrogance and pride as these were considered acts of imbalance in one's life. They also foretold prophecies in order to warn future keepers of the dangers involving the fanatical Pagans(TDP), Mechanists(T2) and of the Keepers' own imbalance. The Ancient Keepers prophesied that future generations of Keepers would go into a state of imbalance, so they created The Final Glyph as a safeguard. The Final glyph purged all Glyphs in existence, so either The Final Glyph was made to destroy the Keepers, or make it so they would begin anew.


The highest rank of keeper is the First Keeper. This person directly leads all other keepers, he/she takes note of all activities and notions involving the order. Along with the Keeper Council, comprised of Elders, decides all course of action whether it be criminal sentences, discussing problems amongst the order, library problems, etc. Next come the elders, keepers who are in charge of various activities, usually regarding the library. They are magic users, carrying wands with them and command all scribes and initiates. Keeper is the general title given to all members of the order, but are lower in rank then elders.

Scribes are found both in the Keeper Library and the Compound. Their work involves writing down any and all information and researching through books. Their services can range from writing down history, keeper council meetings, finding and delivering books other papers and even research prophecy. They take direct orders from elders.

Acolytes are, according to Keeper Isolde, initiates who have undergone keeper training and obtained the door glyph.

Initiates are members who have been recruited into the order. Not much information is given about them other than the title, but they are probably, as the name implies, the lowest rank, and most recent joined members. Garrett can be considered an initiate during T1 since he had recently joined via Artemus.

Other titles and sub-gropes:

  • Keeper Instructors are found only during the starting level of T1/TG. They supervise Keeper training.
  • Keeper Enforcers, during TDS, act as sentinels, assassins and trackers. Initiates choose to become members but can not return to normal life afterwards.
  • The Translator translates the prophecies for the interpreter. Translators can succeed interpreters.
  • The Interpreter deciphers the prophecies and sometimes helps with council affairs. The interpreter is assisted by a translator.

The First Dark AgeEdit

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The Second Dark AgeEdit

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The Third Dark AgeEdit

See Thief: Deadly Shadows

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