City Wardens
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First Introduced

The city wardens were the most powerful crime lords in The City. They ruled organized crime throughout the City and paid serious bribes to some of the City Watch officials in order to get away with their business. Each one of them was responsible for specifics areas of the City, known as wards, and each had a group of tough boys at their disposal.

As of Thief Gold, the wards were divided as follows:

After the rise of Sheriff Truart, a Warden Affairs division was created to look into arresting the Wardens and there related people[3] which brought down the level of criminals.

However, the department was only going after certain Wardens and was possibly quite corrupt.[4].


It is unknown what fully happened to the Warden's status with the Watch under Sheriff Truart, or the death of Ramirez, but they may have fallen on hard times by Thief: Deadly Shadows. In 'Assassins' Garrett says that "Farkus is one of the few merchants wiling to risk selling to an independent like me"[5] but by the time of Deadly Shadows, there are Shops in each visited quarter who seem to have no problem with independents.


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