Cows, while not seen in game, many references imply their existence.


Guards can grumble about not having any cow meat in the cooks stew, and that The Baron gets to eat cow.[1]

In the Stonemarket area, in Thief: Deadly Shadows, the background music has the barking of a dog, along with some turkey, rooster and calf call.


City Watch Officers are known as 'bulls' or 'bulldogs'.[2] A location visited in Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile is the The Black Bull Inn.[3] The center of a target is a bulls eye.[4][5]


While not cattle, mature and young Burricks are called bulls and claves, respectfully.

Behind the scenesEdit

While obviously not an animal, a .cow in DromEd is a file that saves missions and gamesys all in one, and only dromed can read it.[6]

In the TDP quote scroll, Mahk states that he 'Just saved cows'.[7]


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