AKA: Trickster's Army, The Parade

Chaos beasts1

"Chaos Beast" is a fan designation for any or all of the inhuman creatures native to The Maw of Chaos, loyal to The Trickster god. Quite often, the term "beast" is appended to the animal family the Maw creature is a variation of. The Bugbeasts, Ape Beasts, and Frogbeasts are just some examples. These beasts are creatures that can be found in The Maw, but the name is never applied to creatures that are never seen in the Maw. Maw creatures have an everlasting hate against all humans who are enemies of their "Woodsie Lord", the Trickster. The Pagans, therefore, are not in danger from these creatures if they are devout followers, resolutely accept their god's judgments, and worship him always. Therefore, the Pagans and Chaos Beasts are ostensibly allied against their common enemy, the Hammerites, but unlike the chaos beasts, the Pagans will mostly keep to themselves unless prompted to war. Chaos Beasts are highly organized with all species working together as a whole. They patrol their assigned areas in great numbers.

Even though the Trickster is known for his wide influence over nature and its inhabitants, there are some creatures that resemble Chaos Beasts, but may exist outside the grip of the Maw. Examples can be the Craymen (khaki colored), which exist in their own groups, make their own lairs and seem to be part of ecologies quite independent of the Trickster, and the Craybeast (blue), which are some of the strongest Maw warriors. Some creatures, like the huge Green Spider or Fire Elementals, can both be found as a part of the Trickster's army, and wild inhabitants of places outside the Maw.

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