Chickens and hens are not seen in-game, except in their roasted form, but a few references imply their existence.


Stated before, the dead chicken can be found on a roast.

Outside of St. Edgar's Church, two thugs are arguing, and one calls the other chicken.[1] Somebody writes in a journal about being glad that Captain Moira died, and that if Ginny was too chicken to tell Edwina Moira, then he/she would.[2]

A servant in Gervaisius Mansion has 6 chickens on his/her grocery list.[3]

Thugs and servants can call Garrett a chicken if they lose sight of him.[4][5]

Gamall will taunt Garrett, calling him a 'chick'.[6]


In the famous heated argument in Life of the Party, a guard working for Lady Van Vernon yells to the Master Willey's archers to " and rescue your helpless limp lord, before he flounders in his own vomit, or wakes up naked in a hen-coop!"[7]


In the Stonemarket area, in Thief: Deadly Shadows, the background music has the barking of a dog, along with some turkey, rooster and calf call.


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