The City Council is a governing organization of officials which were given the task of overseeing the city for the The Baron.

During the time of the Catastrophe, The City Council was in charge of overseeing the construction of the great wall, which kept the Undead confined to a large section of the Old Quarter, which was being constructed by a group of workers managed byIendros.

Council Representative, Lord Whitsimmon wrote a letter to Iendros congratulating him and his men on behalf of the Council, while sending there sympathies for the deaths of two of his workers.[1]

In the T2 mission "Masks", there is mention of a Regency Council, which may refer to the same organization.[2]


Historical, a regency council rules when the state is unable to be ruled by it's monarch due to them being underage, absent or otherwise incapacitated. It may be then, that the City Council ruled when the Baron was still present in the city, and now he is away fighting, a regency council has been set up.


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