Clara Plaz

Clara Stands by the Ruins in Stonemarket Plaza

Clara is a commoner who can be seen loitering in the streets of Stonemarket after the TDS mission "Killing Time". She is annoyed by the lack of sympathy for her close encounter with the falling clock tower.[1]

Clara frequents two locations; the foot of the stairs leading to Brent's Apartment, Stonemarket Plaza and along the street terminating in the tower's front door in Stonemarket Proper. She is easily identified by her unusual hair and is the only person known to use the small storage room near the foot of the tower.


  • Her hair isn't attached properly and may slip out of place when she is looking for something, revealing her bald head underneath and sometimes covering her face.
  • Clara is actually two identical in-game characters (similar to the five hags on day 9) and will not disappear from one location if killed or incapacitated in another.


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