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The Stonemarket Clock Tower is so tall you can see it all the way from Auldale. It's centuries old and they say its gears have killed more men than the City's guillotine. It'll be full of Hammerites, too--some of them spend their whole lives here maintaining it.
  — Garrett

This is the most prominent feature of The City, constructed, at least in part, alongside the earliest streets. It consists of six main floors of unequal height and a two level basement which houses the driving gears and their associated furnaces. It boasts a small chapel wherein the Builder's Ingot is kept. Although an array of plumbing is supplied to the steam-driven machinery, no lavatories can be found anywhere in the building.
SMclcktowerplaq location

The socket for the Crown

It is a Hammerite construct, but the Keepers evidently had a hand in its design, as the building also functions as a receptacle for the Kurshok Crown, needed to activate the Final Glyph.

The actual face of the clock is never seen. Instead, the texture for the interior workings is used both inside and out, giving it the peculiar appearance of having no hands and only 8 very unusual markings on its dial.


TDS map Clocktower

The tower

TDS map ClocktowerFurnace

The furnace




Clock Shrine

The Reliquary

Clock Basement

The Basement

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