The Compendium of Reproach
Quest Item
unknown or none
on a desk in the secret room below the gallery
Original Owner

When the progress of time ceases, the evil one will be pointed out for all to see
  — Extract, translated by Translator Gamall

The Compendium of Reproach appeared like a thick, golden slab that could only be unlocked with the Glyph Key lost in the ruins of the Sunken Citadel.

Despite the look of Gold, the book appeared to be indestructible[1]

Over a Decade before[2], the Compendium was lost, as well as the Glyph Key. Keeper Rafe knew it was important to the Dark ages and wanted to search for it and the Glyph key, but while he was allowed, the Keeper Council denied him a team to help.[3]

Once opened, the book contained foreknowledge of the events to come during the Dark Ages, including the "stopping of time" that would "point out the evil ones", and was an integral part of Gamall's plan towards destroying the final glyph as she believed it featured information on the 'failsafe'[4].

Captain Moria had discovered it and brought it back to his mansion, to study it further until it is stolen by Garrett and given to Interpreter Caduca to read[5].


"Savort temporalis nundamay cor mallus reportorta im visitablum."


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