Constantine's Mansion
Owned by
approx. 7
Basement Floors
approx. 6

Constantine's mansion was a large and isolated mansion owned by The Trickster masquerading as an eccentric nobleman named Constantine. The mansion was located in the outskirts of the Old Quarter, near the edge of The City. The mansion appeared normal on the outside, but was quite confusing on the inside. Garrett infiltrated the mansion and stole Constantine's Sword while working for Viktoria[1]. Even before he entered the mansion, Garrett had already labeled the place as 'confusing', a 'maze', and a 'madhouse'[2].


The mansion was divided into approximately 7 floors, with at least 6 levels below ground. The above-ground floors got progressively more mazelike and confusing as they went. The mansion was in fact specially designed by the Trickster to be as confusing as possible in order to test Garrett, to see if he was skilled enough to retrieve The Eye from The Haunted Cathedral. As such, most of the mansion's layout makes little sense.

Ground FloorEdit

The ground floor is clearly divided into a front and back section. The front section contains some sitting rooms, a kitchen and bar, as well as guard stations and storage rooms. A hallway runs around the extent of this section.

The back half of the ground floor contains an extensive, partially-indoor garden with a river that flows between various rooms.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor had some bedrooms, as well as a number of rooms of unknown purpose. Vegetation could be seen growing in some of the rooms, and the decor of the entire floor seemed influenced by plants.

Upper FloorsEdit

The floors above the second floor were extremely mazelike and complex, making it difficult to determine exactly how high up one was. The lower part of these upper floors contained upside-down and sideways rooms, as well as rooms which were completely distorted. There was also a spiraling room and another room which seemed to be in outer space.

The uppermost floors of the mansion consisted mainly of a confusing array of tiled hallways. It was in this area that Constantine's sword was kept.

All of the upper floors were connected to each other in a seemingly random way by a complicated network of grassy tunnels. The upper floors cannot be accessed during Escape.


The first few levels of the basement were made up primarily storage areas, though the first level of the basement also contained Constantine's altar. The lowest area of the basement contained a network of reddish caves and treehouses inhabited by Chaos Beasts. Garrett was left for dead in this area by the Trickster and Viktoria after he presented them with The Eye[3].


According to Garrett, the Mansion had been built recently [4]. In a letter to Constantine, it is learned that Lionel Karthman had a major hand in constructing the mansion. His company did find it difficult project, and did not object to being paid in raw gold, to which Lionel was curious to how Constantine was able to obtain such a large quantity[5].


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