• Shallow Pot
  • Deep Dish
See also: Skillet.

The cooking pot is worthless to Garrett, but is effective for stacking and diverting attention. There are two models in TDP/TG and T2; a stock pot and a large saucepan, both with blackened bottoms and small bolts around the brim. In TDS, an oblong roasting pan is also included and all three are available in both cast iron and steel. Like many miscellaneous items, it cannot always be picked up. Pots in TDP/TG can usually be picked up, but all except one in T2 cannot.

The exception is located in a chest in the Shemenov Estate in Dayport. Because Garrett automatically picks up any item inside a chest, he is able to hold an item he can't normally lift in T2. Because the cooking pots in T2 cannot be moved, it will levitate when dropped, making an ideal platform to stand on. Once dropped, however, the pot cannot be collected again.

One giant cooking pot filled with water can be found on the top shelf above the sink in the "Little Big World"; it cannot be moved.

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