Heh heh, that's not loot yer carryin'!
  — Thief Sword Guard

When a living NPC is killed, they will become corpses if picked up. Corpses will alert hostiles if spotted.

Robots need to be broken down into small 'corpse' pieces before they can be moved. Large creatures like Burricks, Craymen, and Craybeasts cannot be moved as they are too heavy. Spiders cannot be moved, as there is little use to as many characters ignore them.

Zombie corpses will typically be found in chunks, with a torso or head. The limbs will vanish from the game after a few seconds. Unlike a human or robot, the chunks will not slow Garrett down and the parts can be thrown with visceral sound effects. If a zombie is drowned in Break From Cragscleft Prison, the zombie will appear on the screen like a normal human. This is not a bug, as the legs of the zombie will look like its character model, and the icon on the bottom of the screen will be unique.

Carrying corpses or unconscious people will considerably slow Garrett down. He can still jump, swim and even though the body is over his right shoulder supported by his arm, he can still climb ladders, and even ropes remarkably fast for being heavy and having use of only one arm.

NPCs will often have shocked or flustered reactions if he is spotted carrying a body around.

In many levels, and various skill levels, creating a corpse will course you to fail the mission. Like unconscious bodies, corpses need to be well hidden to stop detection of your activities, which may also fail some missions.

Sometimes, corpses will be naturally found in a mission, and these can be tricky to tell the difference between an unconscious or sleeping body, or a corpse. A sleeping body will often 'snore' or mutter, and are easily awoken by any noise or contact. unconscious bodies will sound in pain when attacked and can be killed when placed in a dangerous area, such as a fire, or water.