First Introduced

Cothron is the owner of Cothron's Armory, a small metalworking and repair shop in the northern end of Stonemarket Proper. He is only seen in the living quarters of his shop, typically sitting at his desk with a key on his belt. He is in possession of a unique item called the Orincross Dagger, which is part of a side quest that is started by listening to the meeting at Brent's Apartment in Stonemarket Plaza.

Side QuestEdit

Brent is a merchant interested in acquiring the dagger and has hired a petty thief, pretending to be Garrett, to steal it from Cothron's Armory where it is currently being cleaned and sharpened.[1] It was supposed to be placed in the donation box outside St. Edgar's Church, but the would-be burglar fails to locate it.[2]

Contrary to Brent's statement, the dagger is not kept in the basement safe, but in a locked chest at the foot of Cothron's bed.[3] As an added difficulty, Cothron himself is in the room.

If Garrett raids the armory without first hearing about the plan, the dagger will be a loot item worth 150g. Otherwise, it becomes a special item which can be exchanged for three gold coin stacks, daily (up to 2025g).


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