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DromEd Object Model wcrateco

Old Crate

A small cubical wooden crate, found in nearly every T1/TG and T2 mission. Crates have varying resilience to damage; darker greenish ones being rotten and thus weaker than the standard. They can be stacked for height advantage or used as distraction tools, but otherwise have little use.

A special property of crates is their ability to defy gravity as long as each individual crate rests stably on the one below, regardless of how many crates are on top of it. Also, in some scenarios, such as the cellar of Rumford Manor, crates can be used as a protective barrier against wary guards.

Also seen in T1/TG are crates filled with hammers. These cannot be moved and are often found in Hammerite armories. One such crate, in Cragscleft Prison is being constantly filled with newly poured Warhammers by three Hammerite smiths. If caught unarmed, these characters will run to the crate and arm themselves with its contents.

In T2, there also exists a "Huge Crate" which cannot be moved. In appearance, it is a standard crate on a 2.5 : 1 scale.

TDS Crates

TDS Crates

Crates in TDS are available in various sizes; large ones can be climbed upon, whereas small boxes are easier to stack. Only the smallest size, a very short wooden box, can be picked up; other TDS crates are too heavy.


Fans of Thief have found ways of stacking crates, either by a pyramid shape, or by abusing the unrealistic Dark Engine physics. Such places visited are the Lighthouse in Markham's Isle, and atop Angelwatch, in both T2 and the Thief II Demo.[1][2]

Stacking is more difficult in Deadly Shadows, as the crates will fall over if unevenly stacked. Fortunately, they are also easier to climb, as Garrett can mantle onto items of a certain height in TDS. Also, due to Garrett's remarkably small mass, he can stand on precariously stacked crate piles without any danger of toppling over.


  1. Light House
  2. Angelwatch

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