Ian Cribs was the director of Music at the Old Quarter Opera House while Lady Valerius was in charge of the Opera House[1], though he had taken a ill with a furuncle and was not on active duty around the time Garrett visited the Opera House in search of the Talisman of Water.

Hired by Valerius after she took over the Opera house from Raoul,[2], he sees not only to the overall direction of the musical performers and the performances[3], he also wrote the libretto and music for various Operatic productions[4], however his work doesn't appear to have much of a fan base among either Actors[5] or Nobles[6].

He was given a Silver Flute by Valerius as a gift as a token of their 'special friendship' which he cherished, but had to store it at the Opera House in a wall safe, and gave Valerius the key until he recovered.[7] Valerius trusted him enough with the information of the Water Talisman and believed his music would work with it to grant her great powers[8]


  • While Cribs is described as house bond, there is a interim director filling in in his quarters, directing a leading lady in Cribs latest work[9]. It is possible, however, that it might be Cribs himself, having recovered from his furuncle, but not having taken back his key.
  • Cribs may be another TG hint towards the coming Mechanists and the Metal age, as his works are noted to strongly have an anti-pagan stance.[10]
  • A Furuncle, if you were unaware, is another name for a boil.


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