TDS garrettdagger

Garrett ready to strike with his Dagger, in TDS

TDS garrettdaggerR

Garrett twirling his Dagger, in TDS

TDS inven dagger The Dagger is a small knife that can kill enemies with one backstab.

Availability: Thief: Deadly Shadows - always, except in Pavelock Prison

Garrett's only lethal melee weapon in TDS.

It is a reusable weapon which means that it never loses power, and that it cannot be dropped or lost. It is always available, except when Garrett is imprisoned in Pavelock Prison.

In TDS, if Garrett is wielding the Dagger and standing idle for a few minutes, he will periodically twirl the Dagger in his hand, as shown to the right.

Tactical InformationEdit

Like the Sword in the previous two games, the dagger can kill a person in hand to hand combat with multiple stabs, and in one backstab.

But like with the Sword, a person killed by a dagger alerts nearby enemies, so it is mainly used only for fighting.

The tactical advantage of knocking down an opponent in one unavoidable stroke makes it similar to the Blackjack (a non-lethal alternative). However, using the Blackjack helps maintain Garrett's pride, as he says, "I'm a thief, not a murderer".