For the Pagan, see Dahlia (Pagan).
First Introduced
Sure is a lot of stuff, Garrett. You probably think I should be grateful for the business, but it means a lot more work on my end. A lot more work.
  — Dahlia

Dahlia is a fence operating out of the Docks. She operates out of a small store in a secluded byway near the local Pagan encampment and deals in artwork and gems. She seems skeptical of Garrett and frequently comments on the poor quality of his wares. Only with the sale of a vast quantity of loot will she respond with anything akin to praise.[1]

Dahlia is the only fence in TDS who does not buy items for their metals, possibly due to limited access to smelting equipment or to stricter regulations on the traffic of precious metals. She will accept various metal items such as jewellery and sculptures if their primary value is for their gemstones or craftmanship.

She specializes in artwork and other collectible items, many of which are sold to Curator Milton of the Wieldstrom Museum.[2]


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