Darkloader screenshot

Screenshot of DarkLoader 4.1

DarkLoader DarkLoader enables you to play thief fan missions, and is an enhancement of ThiefLoader (v1.5) created by Andrew Bednarz and provides compatibility to existing ThiefLoader installations. DarkLoader was originally created by Bjoern Henke, but Tom Harris continues its development.

Game SupportEdit

DarkLoader supports and is tested with:

DarkLoader does NOT support:


Install Game patches:





The full installer includes extra third-party software required for playing fan-missions. Players should download the full install at the DarkLoader site.


See Where to find Fan Missions.


Configuration of Games and Fan Mission directories.

Thief 1Edit

Specific info

Thief GoldEdit

Specific info

Thief 2Edit

Specific info

External LinksEdit

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