Father Debole was a Hammerite Priest assigned to work in the stonemarket Clocktower. His office was on the 9th floor where he had served for sometime.

Over time, he developed an alcohol problem, excusing it saying, "He hath set his will, not 'gainst our success, but 'gainst our sloth. So must we be shaped ever stronger in His forge. But 'tis at times overmuch for me, and I seek the remedy I hath purchased for myself at great cost. The alchemy of time hath made of the grape a solace for The Builder's trials - none but mine own lips shalt taste of it."

He goes on further saying, "To name myself, His tool, as greater than the work - 'twas Karras's folly and sin, and I shalt not follow that path. 'Twas also the folly of Greidus and 'twas punished for it, for no sooner hadst he issued invitation to all to witness as he drank from the Chalice, then wast it stolen away."[1]


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